So Many Summers

Everyone gets excited for summer.

Whether you have no plans or your summer is already planned out.

Do you ever play out all the possible scenarios for your summer? I know I do.

As I get into my last two years of college it’s time for me to start looking for internships which can be a stressful thing. I’ve applied for an internship at state farm in public affairs. This would be a great internship regarding my future. State Farm will likely hire you after college if you’ve interned with them before.

On the other hand I’ve always wanted to pursue a career with the PGA (Professional Golf Association). Golf is a sport that I started playing my junior year of high school and instantly fell in love with. As I was fooling around on my computer the other day, I started searching for internship related to the PGA and found some awesome possibilities on

I’ve always wanted to make a spontaneous decision that could possible change my life but have never followed through.

The Internship at state farm would be a more sensible internship relating to my major but I feel that there will always be the curiosity of what could have been with the PGA internship.

Based on possibilities there are so many summers.



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