Blessings in Death

All though we are sad when a loved one passes away, sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise.

This past Thursday my great grandmother passed away. 

She was a woman who loved her family with her whole heart. Now that she’s gone her family will realize the love she had for them. 

She was 97 years old when she passed, she out lived her husband and even one of her daughters. I can remember a couple years ago when she told my family that she didn’t want to be on earth anymore because she had nothing to live for. When I heard this it made me think of my friend who committed suicide in high school, Anthony. 

In my mind I always thought that Anthony thought he had nothing to live for that’s why he took his own life. Obviously it’s not the same situation due to the fact that Anthony was 17 and my great grandmother was 97 but I wonder if they were in the same mindset at the end of their lives. 

According to PsychologyToday, people who commit suicide are placed into categories of depressed, psychotic or manipulative. I do think my Great grandma may have been depressed after she lost her daughter and husband, however I do not feel that she was depressed at the end of her life. I like to think she was at peace with her Lord and was ready for the next step in her spiritual journey. 

My great grandma was a very religious lady while Anthony was not, I’m not sure if that has an impact on how you view death but I imagine Anthony was scared while my great grandma was at peace when death came. 

I truly believe that my great grandmother’s death was a blessing to her and our family. I know that she is in a better place and can be with her daughter and husband. 

R.I.P Grandma                                                                                                                      tombstone


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