Controlled Chaos

It’s starting to become a busy semester.

All my classes have gotten past the introductory phase and have moved on to lots of work.

This upcoming week I have three tests in two days. That’s a lot of studying to do.

Oh not to mention I have to work at Applebee’s three days this week too. I’m not complaining I just know this week is going to be stressful and chaotic.

Sometimes I just want to take a break from college. I know I’m only a sophomore but I feel like every semester turns into the same thing. The first 4 or 5 weeks are easy and filled with little to no work load, then weeks 6 through 10 get crazy with projects and tests. Weeks 11-15 slow down for me preparing for finals, then the final week of school is jam packed studying for finals.

The fact that I’m now taking my major courses helps me stay focused compared to taking a Theatre class like I did last semester. The only thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that I need a degree after college to obtain a successful job. A recent poll by the Institute of Education Sciences found that people ages 25-34 with a bachelors degree made roughly $45,000/year while people with only a high school diploma made roughly $30,000/year.

If an extra 15,000 a year isn’t enough to keep me motivated through these chaotic times I don’t know what is.

I’d rather be busy than bored                            .busy


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